Winter Style Inspiration

Post holiday style can be tough to find inspiration when my wardrobe isn’t 90% all things red/plaid/gold. As we truly have a few months left of winter, especially for those of us in the north, I like to nail down different types of preppy style that I like to draw from to mix things up. Check out my summer and fall versions as well.


Cabin Fever

Think log cabin up north for a weekend escape kind of style, but you can work it into your daily wardrobe as well. This is the type of clothing that gets me excited for cooler weather – heavy sweaters, warm socks, bean boots, etc. It makes you appreciate the snow because it fits into your outfit’s asthetic. 😉

Origins: “Upstate” Midwest, Upper New England

Key Pieces: Flannels, Camp Socks, Duck Boots, Wool Sweaters, Knit Beanies, Buffalo Plaid Anything, Sherling-Lined Items

Brands: KJP / LL Bean / Woolrich / Great Lakes Clothing Co.




Most preppy styles started with the Ivy League looks of the 1950’s and haven’t strayed too far since. These looks are textbook classic and make you look both polished and playful. It can be both put-together and laid back, but for winter I appreciate the more dressy aspect of the collegiate look. Think pairing collared shirts under dresses with tights and keep the rest of the details simple.

Origins: Ivy League Schools

Key Pieces: Blazers, Watches, College Sweaters, Elbow Patches, Loafers, Oxford Cloth Button Down, Tailored Dresses

Brands: Ralph Lauren / Brooks Brothers / Tommy Hilfiger / Weyhill & Wharf



Apres Ski

An “off duty” more causal look made for outdoor activities but can also be worn outside of the slopes when running errands. I love to adopt this look in the dead of winter when I’m dressing for mainly warmth with a little style on the side. Thinks “boots with the fur” and the warmest layers possible.

Origins: Ski Culture / Mountain Towns

Key Pieces: Down Jacket, Ski Sweater, Sorel Boots, Vests, Fleeces

Brands: Patagonia / Eddie Bauer / Sorel / North Face



Winter Coastal

This look is fresh, as it incorporates summer neutrals into winter textures. Heavier knits take over, but the colors stay the same – shades of ivory, blues, and other deeper toned neutrals. Simple details pull it together, like brass buttons on a navy peacoat or a plaid scarf over stripes.

Origins: East Coast

Key Pieces: Fisherman Sweater, Double Breasted Peacoats, Stripes, Bean Boots, Nautical inspired details – like an anchor sweater

Brands: J Crew Vineyard Vines /  KJP / Sperry


Which style do you draw from the most for your winter wardrobe?


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