Winter Americana


We often associate summertime with all things Americana as we celebrate multiple patriotic holidays throughout the season. Personally, my summer wardrobe gravitates towards red, whites, & blues, and I even put flag buntings on my front porch. Although summer is the most patriotic season, I don’t think the flag is reserved for just a few months. I love my Ralph Lauren flag sweaters and sport them all year round.

flag sweater

I have both this flag sweater and a cream crew neck flag sweater (last seen here)  that are both Ralph Lauren. I frequently get asked how to get your hands on one so here is my advice –

Ralph Lauren Website: Ralph Lauren rarely comes out with these sweaters for women, and when they do they’re about $150-$250 each. However, they also make these flag sweaters for boys, and the medium-extra large will fit a smaller adult woman. The sleeves are a tad shorter, but it makes for great layering. I have shorter arms so this doesn’t bug me at all. I received this sweater above for Christmas from my parents and it was on sale for $40 on the Ralph Lauren website. .

Ralph Lauren Factory: The other way to get a flag sweater is to keep tabs on the Ralph Lauren Factory store. I was there a few weeks ago and they had both a boys and men’s version of the sweater. The boys sweater came out to around $50 and the men’s around $70. My cream crew neck flag sweater is from the outlet and I love it. I wear a boy’s medium in both flag sweaters.


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.39.57 AM

Here are some other flag accessories you can wear throughout the winter to hold you over until summer:

shep shirt / watch band / knit beanie / fringe scarf ($12) / baseball cap / sunglass strap / scarf / needle point belt / cardigan (it’s Ralph Lauren and on sale for $53)


Do you sport the flag all year round or just save it for the 4th of July?


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