Why I Print My Photos

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photos c/o social print studio

I started printing my photos a few years back when I realized I was only keeping my pics on my phone and computer and not revisiting them unless they came up on Facebook. I have fond memories growing up looking through old photos, whether it was of my ancestors, my parents when they were younger, or myself as a child. Technology is fantastic, but with all the access to cameras at our fingertips, printing photos should be the more prevalent than it is.

I don’t mind the average 4×6 glossy print from Walgreens, but when I discovered Social Print Studio it changed how I printed photos completely. Now I had a source to print my photos that had a beautiful matte finish and some weight to it. I don’t want to store my prints anymore, I want to display them!


Social Print Studio does an excellent job printing and packaging their photos. I am partial to the square prints and miniprints. They even have an app so you can order prints right from your phone. At the end of every season, I go through my iPhoto and pick photos to print so the task doesn’t get away from me. I’m pleasantly surprised each time I get my package! I’ve been doing this for about a year and a half with Social Print and love the results every time.

  1. It makes revisiting old photos easy. Instead of searching through your camera roll or iPhoto library, you can have your favorite moments at your fingertips. It’s rewarding to have these moments printed instead of sitting on a device.
  2. It’s an instant mood booster. There’s a reason you’ve chosen the photos you print – they are probably a memory you cherish or a person (or pet) that you love. Having these photos displayed puts you in a good mood because it’s a physical reminder of the happy moments of your life.
  3. It’s a solid back-up to technology. I love technology and totally rely on my computer and hard drives to store images, but I’ve heard horror stories about computers crashing and people losing everything. Although physical photos can also be destroyed, it’s nice to your favorite moments printed as a back-up.
  4. They’re nice to have for future generations. We have photos of my grandparents, great-grandparents, and so forth that are very few and very precious to our family. We have scanned them onto computers, yet we still hold the physical photos when we reminisce about the past. I would like to think that someday my future grandchildren can look through my photos like I did with my grandparents. There’s something wonderful and nostalgic about this experience that technology can’t replace.
  5. They help us to take more purposeful shots. We take thousands of photos (ask my husband about taking my picture for Instagram…), yet we print very few! Now that I print photos, I’m more intentional about taking photos of moments I experience whether it’s a group shot of friends, a candid at an event, or photos of my family. Make sure the photos you take aren’t just selfies or when you’re dressed up, but of everyday moments you want to remember.
  6. Make a friend or family member’s day. I’m known as the friend who prints photos, so when I get a shipment in of photos they can expect to get a few prints for themselves. Since many people don’t print photos themselves, I can always find my prints displayed in their homes! It’s a wonderful gift to give someone memories they didn’t know would ever make it off an iPhone. đŸ˜‰


There are endless ways to display your photos! My favorite way is to put them on my fridge. I just got a bunch printed so my fridge is full of my favorite summer memories (below).


Do you print photos?


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