What To Wear When It’s Below Freezing

It’s been below freezing all week here in Michigan as the wind child has been below 0° nearly every day. I pull out all the stops when it comes to keeping warm, so here are my tips to dressing warm outside, as well as, keeping warm inside.

Screen shot 2015-01-10 at 7.33.35 PMWhat To Wear Outside

Down Coat: This one is mandatory for those of us who want to survive harsh winters in the north. I used to think these coats looked like “sleeping bags” until we had a horrible winter a few years back and I became a believer. Now I appreciate how warm they keep me, as well as, how well they protect me from the wind. Try to get one with real down leathers inside and that has a hood. Mine is from Land’s End from a few years back and I got it in a sale after winter had ended. Now is the time to find deals on a quality down coat.

Hats, Gloves, Mittens: Every single time you walk outside you need all three of these essentials on, especially gloves / mittens. Nothing is worse than forgetting your gloves and getting in a cold car. I personally think mittens are warmer than gloves, but on the coldest days, I’ll wear thinner gloves underneath mittens.

Long Underwear: If you live in a colder climate and do not own long underwear, these are a game changer. Cuddl Duds can be found at Target and Kohls inexpensively and can be worn seamlessly underneath pants or even pajamas. They will keep you warm in the harshest of weather.

Winter Boots: Real snow boots are going to be more insulated than any Hunter Boot (even with the sock), and way more waterproof than Uggs. I have a waterproof, shearing lined pair from Clark’s that keeps me warm and dry all winter. Bean Boots are great, but if you plan on wearing them in the snow then consider the shearling liners (sold out online, but call customer service and have them check stores). Sorels are also a great choice that will get the job done and look cute.

Thermos: When nothing else will do, and you feel like you are cold and uncomfortable all day both outside and indoors, fill a thermos up with something hot to sip on all day. I put green tea in mine and bring it with me to work.


Keeping Warm At Home

We keep our heat pretty high in our house, but we can still tell when it’s below freezing outside and you need a few extra items to help keep you warm:

Heated Blanket: I just got one this year, and can’t believe it took me this long to own one. Mine is from Macy’s, but you can find them many places. I have a throw, so I use it at night if I’m watching TV, but I’ll bring it to bed on the chilliest of nights.

Towel Warmer: This isn’t a necessity, but it sure is great. I found one at Macy’s on clearance a few years back and still use it throughout the winter. It’s like getting a towel right out of the dryer when you get out of the shower. I workout in the mornings, so I sometimes put my workout clothes inside it too.

Heating Pad: Sometimes called a rice sock, you can microwave them and they’ll retain heat for long periods of time. They’re mostly used for sore muscles, but also when you want to warm up.


Do you have any tips for staying warm when the temperature gets below freezing?



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