What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Spring weddings are beautiful, and many spring weddings happen in the month of May. If you are still on the hunt for the perfect dress for a spring wedding, here are some tips:

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  • For a spring wedding, it’s most likely the ceremony will be an early afternoon event with a reception to follow into the evening. You’ll want a dress that fits the bill for both. This means staying light and fun, while still on the fancy side. You wouldn’t want to wear an extravagant gown to an early afternoon wedding, nor would you want to be wearing a casual daytime dress to a formal reception. Find the middle ground and use accessories to dress it up for later on.
  • Many spring weddings are outdoors, and since the weather can be predictable in this season, prepare for anything. Keep an umbrella stored in your car, along with another layer in case it’s unusually chilly. Always wear wedges for outdoor weddings so your heels don’t sink into the grass.
  • The number one rule when picking out a dress is to never wear white. It doesn’t matter if you belt it, wear a colored sweater, or if it’s an off white dress, just don’t do it. For spring weddings I love floral patterns and pastels. It gives a light, fresh look to the season and will most likely look lovely amongst the wedding decor.
A mod floral print for a spring outdoor wedding

A mod floral print for a spring outdoor wedding

I wore this to an outdoor May wedding and it was a really fun mod floral print that fit the evening. It has white in it, but the majority of the dress is pink and patterned so it is OK to wear in my book. I loved using the mod print to my advantage to create a very 60’s Mad Men look.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 10.11.31 PMAll these above dress are Eliza J from Nordstrom. I love the quality of their dresses, and used their dresses for my own wedding as the bridesmaid dresses. Any of these dresses could be dressed up or down according to the formality of the event and would make for a great spring wedding look.

What do you wear to a spring wedding?


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