What to Wear to a Sports Game

When planning what to wear to a sports game, there are several routes you can go. First decide whether you want to dress in fan gear (team’s logo, jersey, hat, etc.), or if you want to dress more subtle and wear the team’s colors.

Team Gear: If you have a jersey or hat, I would recommend this route. I like going all out when it comes to fun stuff like cheering on your team, but you could just wear a hat and keep the rest of your outfit toned down.

Team Colors: If you don’t own team gear or don’t like wearing it to games, you can wear the colors of the team you are cheering on. If you choose this route, you might even stand out in an arena full of jerseys.

No Team Gear or Team Colors: Why are you even going to the game? Live a little and dress up.

Location & Weather: Another factor you need to consider is the location and weather. If you are inside an arena, you won’t have to worry too much about this unless it’s a hockey game and it ends up being freezing inside. Sometime basketball arenas double as hockey arenas so you’re going to a basketball game the day after there was a hockey game, it may still be a bit chillier than usual. If you are in an outdoor stadium, dress so that you aren’t too hot or cold. Layering is your friend because being stuck at a game and feeling uncomfortable is not a pleasant experience. Always check the forecast just in case you need to bring an umbrella or wear different shoes.

Accessories: Keep your purse minimum if you need to bring one at all. Some stadiums don’t even let you bring in a purse so make sure you know what is allowed and what isn’t. Wristlets are great for these occasions, but truthfully I just stick my ID, credit card, and iphone in my back pocket. Wear shoes that are comfortable and weather appropriate – no heels.

I went to two games recently and here is what I wore:


No, I’m not from Wisconsin, but my husband is a Packers fan and I decided to get a jersey when we went to the game. The Packers ended up losing to the Lion’s, and since we were in Detroit, it ended up being a long, embarrassing walk back to the car.

*Tip* If you are small enough, buy a kid’s L/XL in jerseys because they are pretty cheap. I got this one for $20 after discounts and it’s pretty nice for the occasional game. The duck boots happened to be Packer’s colors so they were perfect for a rainy day game. Notice I layered a thick shirt underneath and I was glad I did because it got colder when we left the game.



I wore a Tiger’s jersey and hat to the Tiger’s game and layered a shirt underneath. This jersey is also a kid’s size and fits great. I think I’ve had it for at least 10 years! I wore comfortable shoes and brought a small purse with me to the game with minimal stuff in it.


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