What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

With it being a transition season, fall can either be unusually warm or cold (or both in one day) depending where you live. This means you need to consider several factors when deciding what to wear to a fall wedding.  But first, check out these wedding basics first before you begin your outfit search.

Location: Where is the ceremony and reception at? Be mindful of the location to give you cues on how to dress. A wedding at a country club will be a little fancier than a wedding in a barn.

Weather: Will either the ceremony or reception be outside? Make sure you layer correctly according to the weather. If it’s nice out, wear a dress but bring a jacket because it will get significantly colder by the time you leave the wedding. If it’s chilly, wear nylons or tights, especially if you’ll be outside for any part of the event.

Color Palette: The colors you choose in your outfit should be different than what you’d wear to a summer wedding. Gravitate towards richer, deeper tones as opposed to the lighter and brighter colors of summer. *Remember: do not wear white.*

Accessorize: This season brings more possibilities to layering and accessorizing, so have fun with statement jewelry, colored tights, silk scarves, and hair accessories.

I went to two weddings this past weekend, and the weather was gorgeous enough where I didn’t need a sweater, however, I did bring a trench coat with me to the reception to wear when I left. The first outfit is a deep, royal purple with lace detail. I put a big necklace over it, and kept my other jewelry simple. The nude heels are my favorite since they are neutral and blend in, which trick the eye into thinking you’re taller – I’ll take it! The purse is my mother’s lucite clutch she bought from an antique store. It is from the 1940’s and is a gorgeous mother-of-pearl shell on the outside.




My second outfit was a silk dress that’s a mix between a deep plum and rich brown. It has a wonderful ruffle detail around the neck to add some interest. I wore a delicate necklace not to compete with the neckline of the dress, and wore the same nude heels and brought the same clutch as above.



2 Comments on What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

  1. Sally
    October 4, 2016 at 8:03 am (7 years ago)

    Love both fall dresses!! Can I ask where they are from?

    • thedressdecoded
      October 5, 2016 at 10:57 am (7 years ago)

      Of course! Unfortunately one is super old (brand is Maggy London – highly reccomend them) and the plum lace one is my mom’s so I don’t have it at my house to see the tag! 🙁

      I’ll be doing another post next week for fall wedding wear featuring a Lilly I rented from renttherunway.com 🙂


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