What To Wear: Shopping Trip

It’s that time of year when one clothing season ends and the new arrivals come out for the next season. The transition from summer to fall is an even bigger time to shop because there’s “back to school” shopping and lots of sales as people get back into their normal routines.

You may not put much thought into what you wear when you’re going shopping, but I have a few simple tips that you won’t want to overlook.

Outfit: Your outfit when shopping should not be complicated. I love layering, but if I plan to try on clothes that day, it can be a hassle changing and then putting my whole outfit back together. I also opt for button down shirt because it’s less risky than pulling a shirt over your head and getting make up on it or messing up your hair. Lastly, go for a separate top and bottom rather than a dress. Let’s say you’re wearing a dress, and you want to try on a shirt. You’d also have to grab pants in the same store to try on with the shirt or else…well you can figure it out.

Shoes: Always opt for comfortable shoes, and if you plan on trying clothes on, a slip-on shoe is your best option. This way you can easily slip them off in the dressing room without it being a nuisance. Most of my boat shoes have laces, but I slip in and out of them without having to untie them thus making them work best for shopping trips.

Crossbody bag: I say this a lot, but crossbody purses have a lot of benefits when you need to essentially go “hands free”. You’re able to shop without lugging a heavy purse that sits on your shoulder or in the crook of your elbow. Do yourself a favor and bring a small, lightweight crossbody bag next time you shop.

Student I.D.: If you are in college, bring your student I.D. to get more money off your purchase. This doesn’t work for every store, but many do offer this feature. For example, students get an extra 15% off at J Crew even on already marked down sale items. It pays to bring it along just in case!

Coupons: My system for getting deals is to sign up for emails from the stores I shop at most. Now this can get out of hand if you sign up for too many, however, if you go to unroll.me, you can add all these emails to one “roll-up”. A “roll-up” takes all the store emails and puts them in one single email that gets sent to you once a day. I normally delete it without opening it, but if I know I’m going to be shopping soon, I keep an eye out if there are any deals or coupons I should be aware of before heading out. Shop smarter, not harder.

I went shopping with my mom yesterday and here is the outfit I wore. Notice I have a simple button down, white denim, slip on shoes, and a crossbody bag. I was thankful for my purse because it was one less thing to carry around the mall.

Hope these tips help!



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