What to Wear on a Summer Date

Warmer weather and longer days give way for more creative dates than the typical “dinner and a movie”. Whether it’s your first date with a guy or your 500th with your husband, here are some outfit ideas for four different dates that are commonly associated with the season.

photo 4Picnic: Lucky you, you get to go on a picnic! I chose a chambray dress and added some color with a vintage Ralph Lauren scarf. The wedges are made by Clarks and are very comfortable for walking yet keep the outfit feminine. Most casual outfits would work, and you can look nice without looking fussy. Here are a few tips to keep in mind: Please avoid heels as they sink in the grass and make you look high maintenance in the great outdoors. Swap out perfume for bug spray – your date would rather you smell like bug spray than hear you complain. Lastly, if you choose a skirt or dress, make sure it’s on the longer side as you we will be sitting on the ground at some point during this date.

photo 2Zoo: Going to the zoo is another fun date idea (except I normally avoid it until all the kids go back to school). Anyway, I went with olive green shorts, a lightweight top, and a panama hat to keep the sun out of my eyes. I like sleeveless shirts for most outdoor activities in case you get hot and sweat a little bit, it won’t be as big of a deal. Comfortable shoes are a must since you’ll be walking a lot, and a cross-body bag keeps your hands free so you’re not stuck lugging a huge purse around.

photo 3Miniature Golfing: Fun at any age, putt-putt brings out some healthy competition (or unhealthy in my case) between you and your date. You may go after dinner, so I opted for white denim and a button down shirt to keep it polished but not too dressed up. Adding watches are not only functional but can add a lot of style to an outfit as they become more rare. I’d rather look at my watch for the time than check my iPhone and risk the person I’m with feeling ignored.

photo 1Baseball Game: I went with a baseball tee, denim shorts, and a baseball hat with my home team on it. There’s no need to get all dolled up for a baseball game, I like dressing up too, but you have to draw the line somewhere. Wear something associated with the team you’re watching, and if you don’t have anything, then just add a dash of one of the team’s colors.  Regardless, keep it casual and functional. Any place you go with crowds, a cross-body bag is a must since it forces you to downsize your purse and also keeps you hands free. Don’t forget a hat and sunglasses since you’ll be in the sun and want to see the game without squinting, unless you’re baseball team plays in a dome, then I’m very sorry for you.


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