What to Wear on a Rainy Day

Since April has begun, it’s a good time to start talking about how to dress for all those April showers. I don’t mind a good rain in the spring since it means I can expect my backyard flowers to start coming back, but not dressing properly for the rain can completely ruin your day. Here’s my tips on how to dress for rainy weather:

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Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 10.21.48 AMHooded Raincoat: A hooded raincoat with water resistant material will serve you well for years to come. I think a packable raincoat would be smart to pack on a vacation where the weather is unpredictable. You can even get away with not carrying an umbrella with the hood option.

Duck Boots: I live in Michigan, so the weather can be very rainy in the morning and then beautiful the rest of the day. If I decided to wear rain boots, they’d become obsolete by noon and I would be wearing my clunky rubber boots all day while the sun is shining. Ducks boots are the perfect solution for this problem because they’re great for rainy days but don’t look foolish if you’re wearing them in dry weather as well. I reach for duck boots most of the time when it rains.

Umbrella: My advice for umbrellas is invest in a good one right away so you can have it for a long time. Don’t get the cute, cheap one you see because it will fail you when you need it most. I inherited a very nice one from my great aunt and I still use it today. Estate sales may be a good place to find a quality umbrella for a fraction of the price. Always keep your umbrella in your car for a sudden rainstorm!

Cross Body: When I’m holding an umbrella amongst other things, I need to be as hands free as possible. Cross body purses are perfect for rainy weather, just make sure its made of material that’s safe to get wet such as Dooney & Bourke’s “all weather leather”.


Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 10.30.50 AMUmbrella: Just like above, make sure you have a nice umbrella, but if you want to look more professional then save the cute, patterned ones for another time. This larger Kate Spade one above is the perfect shape for when you’re in the rain longer than you’d like to be.

Trench Coat: A trench coat is the classic option for a rainy day and a piece you’ll have for years as it will never go out of style. Extra points if you have one that’s water resistant.

Cross Body: Again, a cross body gives you the functional option of freeing up your hands to hold that umbrella or whatever else you need to hold.

Rain Boots: If the forecast tells you the rain will last all day, feel free to wear full-on rain boots. While Hunter Boots are a stylish and popular option, I’ve really enjoyed Ralph Lauren’s line of rain boots because of the angled cut at the top of the boot. Their boots are both slimmer than a normal rain boot and have a very polished equestrian feel to them.


How do you dress for a rainy day?


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  1. Alex
    April 2, 2015 at 12:26 pm (8 years ago)

    Oh, these are so cute! As much as the rain can put a damper on a day, it’s so fun to pull out your rain boots!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon


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