What to Wear Wednesday: Gym Starter Pack

Deciding to workout more is a great goal for anyone, but starting a fitness wardrobe can be daunting with all the choices. It takes time to know what type of workout you enjoy doing most and investing in pieces that are right for it. For example – someone can decide they want to do yoga and spend lots of money on yoga workout clothes and accessories, and then three months later find their yoga mat collecting dust in the corner of their room. As a fitness instructor, I have streamlined the absolute necessities that will prove to be a great base to start you on your fitness journey.

  1. Tops: I prefer tank tops to t-shirts overall because I sweat a lot when I workout and tanks are most comfortable, but t-shirts can be great too. Stay away from 100% cotton and stick to moisture-wicking material like a spadex/lycra blend. You should not be working out in your old high school/college t-shirts because they will trap odors, and it doesn’t help you feel your best when you’re dressed slouchy. I would recommend having at least one looser tank for most workouts, and one that has a fitted bottom for yoga sessions. I once wore a looser tank to a yoga class and it’s a horrible idea to wear in down dog.
  2. Bottoms: For starting out, black is the way to go to be a solid base for future purchases. You should have one capri style and one legging style as you will end up wearing both at different times of the year. I would invest a little more into leggings than tops because it’s more important to find a pair that fits you well, isn’t see through, and holds you in.
  3. Sports bras: I only buy racer back sports bras since you can wear them with both racer back style tanks and regular style t-shirts. Your sports bra might show at times under your top, so opt for black or something colorful vs white/nude.
  4. Socks: This is more important than you think, but socks can make or break a workout. Once you find a pair that feels comfortable during the entirety of the workout, keep buying that brand. I prefer ones with a tab on the back so they don’t slip down. I am brand loyal with my workout sock purchases and only buy Lucy socks.
  5. Tennis Shoes: Running is great, but if you plan on doing literally any other workout, opt for cross trainers. You should not be wearing running shoes for every workout since they are made with more cushion and are meant to be worn in a front to back motion (hence, running). Cross trainers are great for a majority of workouts like strength training, kickboxing, etc. I always wear Nike TR FIT and they feel like walking on air.
  6. Headband: Nothing is worse than forgetting a hair tie, but I also need a headband too to keep the hair out of my face. It’s necessary for me to have both a hair tie and headband readily available so I don’t fuss with my hair and can be focused during my workout.
  7. Water Bottle: I’m very partial to Camelbak water bottles because it’s easy to track how much water I’m drinking, they are spill proof, and I like the straw vs unscrewing a lid. I stock up on colors and keep them readily available for my daily workout .

Once you have a great base for your workout wardrobe, you can start figuring out what works best for you and investing in those pieces. I definitely recommend spending more money on shoes and workout pants, than tanks, socks, etc.

What do you recommend for a great “starter pack” to a workout wardrobe?




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