What to Wear at Winter Outdoor Events

Many towns have great outdoor events in the month of December. Last weekend I went to a walk through, outdoor lights display and this coming weekend I’m attending a “Holiday Night” at a local, outdoor museum. While these events can be enjoyable, not dressing properly for the weather can put quite a damper on the evening. Here are my tips for dressing for the cold weather with style:

The Basics:

Long Underwear: First off, we all know how important layering is, but we often forget about our legs. Long underwear is a life saver to wear under pants if you plan on being outdoors for any period of time. I just bought these Cuddl Duds and they are thin enough to go under pants and not add bulk. Do yourself a favor and buy these for this year and winters to come.

Hand Warmers: If you plan on spending more than an hour in the cold, a pair of hand warmers are fantastic for keeping your mitts nice and toasty. I keep mine in my coat pocket or inside my gloves. You can buy them in a ten pack on Amazon, and if you haven’t tried them, you will become a believe after one use. I can attest that they stay warm for several hours on average.

Thick Socks: Your feet feeling frozen can ruin your night, so don’t skimp on thick socks. I love J Crew’s camp socks, but even those don’t cut it for me when spending extended time outdoors. Go with the thickest wool socks you can wear and still fit into your boots, such as these.



The Coats:


IMG_7677Try a dressy look with a coat that tapers at the waist and has nice button details. I find that white accessories look fresh against a darker colored coat. Earmuffs are my pick for keeping warm while still looking stylish.



Look polished with a camel coat that has a tie at the waist. Short scarves that tuck into the coat create a more refined look, and you can’t go wrong with a pair of leather gloves.



My favorite way to stay warm outdoors is to bundle up. While toggles and hoods on coats create a more casual look, they’re also very practical and still really stylish in an “apr├Ęs-ski” way. Tuck in a scarf, add some gloves, and you’re ready to go.


Do you have any tips on staying warm outdoors?




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