What is American Style?

What is American style?IMG_1518

American style embodies the very heart of our history and culture – the idea of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. It’s not made of showy frills, complex silhouettes, or strange fabric, but a functional style made of looks that are tried and true. The classic American style has been sighted as making a comeback in the past decade, but we know it’s always been here and always will be. At its very heart it is a simple style that reflects our commitment to hard work, love of quality craftsmanship, and impeccable good taste.

Here are my must-have’s for the all-American look:

american classicsSimple leather belt – a staple for an American lifestyle. Make sure it’s real leather.

Cable-knit sweater – nothing fussy about this classic.

Blue Jeans – preferably Levi’s, but any medium wash will do the job.

Boat shoes – originated right here, and your dad’s pair is living proof they last 40+ years.

Canvas hat – an original from our pastime, the baseball cap is functional and stylish.

Timex watch – because looking at your phone for the time gets old.

Aviators – amongst the other styles these are so classic, plus aviators originated from US military in WWII.

Leather bag – from brands that have been around longer than you, such as Dooney & Bourke or Coach. No patterns allowed, the classic leather is just right.

A-Line dress – is sighted as an All-American style, as well as universally flattering.

Pearl earrings – American girls are known for these studs.

Button-down oxford – nothing is more quintessentially American than a Ralph Lauren OCBD.

Converse shoes – a fresh answer to trendy sneakers.

What is your idea of American style?


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