What I’m Doing To Get My Closet Ready For Summer

Who doesn’t look forward to summer? After a long season of rainy, dull days, I’m ready for sunshine and hot weather. I transition my closet throughout the year so that what’s visible and readily available is exactly what I’m wearing in that season. For example, I’m diligent about putting away off season clothes I’m not wearing. Although it’s time consume to do this little by little throughout the year, it saves me space and keeps me organized. I brought out a lot of summer friendly clothes when I switched over from my fall/winter wardrobe, but I held some back and kept some out. Here’s what I’m swapping out to get me ready for summer:

Outwear: I keep a few light jackets out just in case of a rainy day, or when a jean jacket is appropriate over a dress, etc. I put away all of my vests and blazers because I won’t be wearing them until September. Since these items are bulky, they save me a lot of room in my closet.

Tops: I kept most of my tops out, and even kept out my L.L. Bean fleece pullovers and Vineyard Vine Shep Shirts. Living in Michigan, just like a lot of the north, summer nights are chilly and these items will still get use. Nights around a bonfire, or being on a boat after the sun sets are prime time to use a pullover.

Pants: I still wear most of my pants since I dress semi-professional to work, but put away heavier ones I know I won’t be wearing until fall. I brought out all of my shorts and used the KonMari method to fold and organize them all.

Dresses: I had most of my dresses out, but I still had some all white ones and a few Lilly Pulitzer dresses in storage. I put away ones with longer sleeves that I know I won’t be wearing until next spring.

Footwear: I put away all of my boots – this includes duck boots, rain boots, short booties, you name it. I wear loafers, boat shoes, and sandals all summer and have no use for these. I wear these L.L. Bean rubber mocs if we get a rainy day or I’m gardening.

Swimwear: It’s smart to pull all your swim suits out and reassess which ones you want to keep. Swimwear takes more of a beating than we realize so look over which ones have had better days and go from there. Land’s End is always having great sales on swimwear and the quality is fantastic.

Totes: I have a ton of totes (and use them daily!), so instead of keeping a bunch out, I pick a few for that season and rotate those out. This strategy can work with a few items you don’t want to store all in the same place all the time.

Misc.: I’m big on living seasonally, so I do little things like switch my key fob to something more summer-y, use a different wallet, put a lighter perfume out, etc.

What do you do to prep your closet for summer?


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