What I Got For Christmas 2017

First and foremost, this isn’t meant to be a “braggy” post by any means. I love reading this type of post by other people and seeing what people got for Christmas so I thought I’d share mine! This year was a little different with my pregnancy so I didn’t ask for a lot of clothes outside of footwear since most won’t fit me. I actually really liked not getting a lot of clothes because it meant more “useful” gifts I’ll end up utilizing more often than wearing something every few weeks.

I love the calendars Paper Source comes out with every year. The illustrations are beautiful and look nice next to my desk. I don’t write on my calendars and just need to see the date at the glance so this kind is perfect!

Joe and I love snowshoeing and had two pairs that we had gotten from amazon years ago, but the straps are so annoying to get on and off when you’re actually outside in the snow. These L.L. Bean ones have a super simple closure that makes taking them on and off quick, and they are much nicer quality than our old ones.

I work out a lot and needed to replace my old pair of pink Nikes. I only wear cross-trainers and these are so comfortable!

The J Crew Nordic boot was something I wasn’t sure I’d love, but I kept seeing the similar styles out there and love the way these looked. The red laces are so cute, and they are incredibly warm! I’m waiting to waterproof them before wearing them outside.

Even though I have always admired Hunter Boots, I’ve never personally desired a pair for myself. That changed when I saw some red ones styled a few months ago and thought they’d be a fun addition to my wardrobe. To be completely honest – they’re a tad tight on my calves and I’m swapping them out for the “touring” pair that is supposed to be more comfortable and a little shorter. I’m hoping they work out!

I am picky about yoga mats and really like the grip this kind has and that it has a different color on each side so I consistently use the same side. I like to fold the top half I was using in half and then roll up, and the dual color helps keep this straight.

Joe got me a new camera and I couldn’t be happier! My old one had been acting up and even after getting it fixed it continued to give me problems. We love to take photos and with a baby on the way this is a wonderful gift!

I love the jewelry from Kiel James Patrick and am so happy with each of these choices. The bracelet is different than any other ones I have, the necklace is stunning and has gorgeous clasps, and I love the details of the earrings. I’ve been wearing them all week!

I was way too excited to get the Alexa Echo Dot, and two smart plugs that work with both the Alexa and my phone. I already have one smart plug and use it all the time, so I loved adding to my collection! You can set schedules, timers, etc. with it all from the app or by voice. Being pregnant, once I get into bed, I don’t want to get out so this has been handy for turning off lights.

I didn’t ask for many clothes except this sweater and pajamas that I know I’ll be excited to wear next year! I also needed new socks and these J Crew ones are great.

Joe and I saw these L.L. Bean mugs in the store a week before Christmas and I wanted them but Joe said we already have so many mugs (which is true). He later went back that week and got me a set. 🙂

I got a few other little items besides these including Bath & Body Works candles, wall flowers, and the car scents all in my favorite scent – “Winter”. I also got cute beauty items for stocking stuffers, a park pass to our favorite local park, gift cards to places we go, etc.


Did you have a good Christmas? What was your favorite gift?

Let me know if you want links to anything above and I’ll find it!





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  1. Sally
    December 30, 2017 at 11:27 am (6 years ago)

    Wow you’re a really lucky girl! I love all of your gifts so much!!

    • thedressdecoded
      December 31, 2017 at 4:48 pm (6 years ago)

      Thank you so much! <3


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