Wedding Guest Outfit Tips

It’s easy to overlook a few details when you’re planning an outfit. Please keep in mind these few tips when attending a wedding:

-1Never wear white. Most rules are subjective, but this one is across the board consistent with the exception if the bride instructs everyone to wear white (which I’m convinced only happens on TV and never in real life). It does not matter if you add a colorful accessory or belt, or if it’s off-white, or even if it doesn’t look bridal. This is the bride’s day to wear white and you can find a dress in a different color. Exceptions: white sweater/shoes/accessories as long as they don’t look bridal and the rest of the outfit isn’t white.

Find out the color scheme and/or the bridesmaids dresses. A growing trend is just choosing a color for the bridesmaids and they may chose their own dress as long as it’s that color. This is great for bridesmaids, however, if you are a guest and wear that color you can look like you’re a part of the bridal party. If it’s easy enough to check then consider doing so when planning an outfit. Remember you can look for clues on the invitation as to what the colors are. If you end up wearing the same color and look like one of the bridesmaids, it’s not  the end of the world – just grab a bouquet and stand on the outside of every photo.

Know your shoes. The day of the wedding is not the day to break in shoes so plan ahead what you’ll be wearing and make sure they are comfortable. If your shoes happen to be uncomfortable, bring flats to change into at the reception. You can throw them in the car and run out and grab them, or buy packable flats and slip them in your clutch. Please don’t go barefoot on the dance floor. You may not be grossed out, but who knows what other people have trekked in on their shoes.

Purse/clutch. You won’t need your everyday purse at the wedding, so bring either a small purse or a clutch.  Pack just what you’ll need for the night – mint, make up (oil blotting sheets), kleenex, extra bobby-pins, and a tide to-go pen. You may not use the tide pen, but you could save someone else. This will also keep your date from using your purse as a catch-all for their “accessories”.


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