Vintage Skirt Suit

I received my fur skirt suit (circa 1960’s) from my husband a few Christmas back, and I adore it. It’s hard to find skirt suits these days that look more Jackie O than they do grandmother-of-the-bride, so I was thrilled to own a piece so elegant. I wish I had more occasions to wear it! Here are other fur skirt suits on etsy.

Jeanne, of Red Cole Photo, and I had a fun photoshoot at an old home from 1915 in Detroit. The neighborhood is full of incredible houses that are extremely kept up while still honoring the history and character. This home was formally owned by the Kresge family (owned K-Mart), and the home next store had both President Kennedy and President Roosevelt over for dinner. Perhaps Jackie O was in attendance as well! I was most impressed by the current owner of the home – he took the house (cost $125,000 in 2011) and restored it to its original beauty. He’s very young so I appreciated the fact that he cared enough about the history of the home to put the time, money, and effort into restoring it. He was very generous to let us shoot in his home.

Red Cole Photo did my wedding photography and I’ve been a huge fan since. Jeanne runs the business now and she’s incredibly creative and talented. I love the way she edits her photos to strike the balance between high-end and natural, meaning they look upscale without being overly staged or faked. Red Cole Photo has a knack of creating a sense of timelessness, where you can look back years later and still be thrilled with the images. Take a peek at her¬†other work and you’ll see what sets her apart. ūüôā




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