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ff58c8faca6af14c1ce0ad77c2f7a522I’ll admit, I haven’t always been a fan of Pinterest. The height of Pinterest coincided with me planning a wedding, as well as, buying and decorating a house. This sounds like it would be useful, but I didn’t use the website frequently and ended up coming up with ideas on my own. The frustrating part of Pinterest is when you come up with ideas independently and people ask, “Oh, did you see this on Pinterest?”. I felt like a lot of my creativity that I put into my wedding and my home were discredited to “copying” a website I wasn’t really using.



d2f7af51c255fed5c9d0a5f46fc40d26However, I have changed, as well as the website itself has evolved. I made a Pinterest for this blog and have enjoyed finding images, not to copy, but to inspire different aspects of my creativity. I really do find myself benefiting from the information on the site whether it’s finding different way to wear what I already own, or helping shape and define my decorating style. It’s completely fine to copy off of Pinterest, but don’t assume other people do when you compliment their style, decor, or even a recipe.

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What are your thoughts on Pinterest?

Images found via Pinterest – chaircoat


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