Trends I Like & Trends I Don’t

While trends can be fun to try, keeping up with them consistently is bad for both your personal sense of style and your wallet. Who wants to keep reinventing themselves and buying a new wardrobe every few months? So while I stay clear of most trends and do my best to stay true to my personal style, I like to keep up on what’s out there and the trends that I like and the ones I don’t.


wicker earrings / high neck tank / sandals

  1. Wicker earrings are one of my favorite trends right now. I think they have a tropical/vintage feel while looking classic at the same time. I think they’ll be in style for a long time and are a low risk to purchase right now. I own a pair and can attest that they are lightweight and easy to pair with any outfit. I think they’ll be the perfect summer accessory!
  2. High neck tanks are another trend I love. This specific cut is really popular right now from everyday tanks to workout attire. High necks are SO flattering on anyone and will make your arms look great. I love them for all the reasons above and also because my daughter can’t easily pull at my shirt when I’m wearing one of these. It’s a win-win. I just bought the tank above from Old Navy for $10 and will be stocking up on more colors!
  3. Simple sandals have made a big comeback after years of super strappy, gladiator type sandals. From the slide style to two straps, simple sandals are easy to style and won’t be going out of vogue any time soon. I love that these types of sandals are popping up everywhere!


  1. Google “tie dye in style” and you’ll find articles about how it’s the biggest trend of 2019. It’s no surprise though – the 90’s are back and in the 90’s tie dye was hitting a resurgence from the 70’s (everything is a cycle!). Even though Ralph Lauren is going hard on the tie dye, it’s not for me. I like it on other people as it has a fun and youthful flair, but it doesn’t fit into my personal style.
  2. Unusual cut-outs on dresses are another trend that’s everywhere that I don’t care for. You’ll see this style on every contestant on The Bachelor, and I think it’s an odd place to show skin. Having a cut-out like the photo above doesn’t have staying power and will end up looking dated quickly. If you decide to try the trend, make sure you don’t end up spending too much on it so that it becomes a low risk trend.
  3. Denim jumpers are popping up everywhere and while it’s unoffensive, it’s hard to pull off. Either it will end up making you look juvenile, or you’ll look too old to pull it off. I think the window of time to wear something like this is high school to early college and I’m past that. Frankly, I think this is an item that will end up in the back of your closet.

I might sound harsh about some of these trends, but they are items that I do believe look good on some people but I personally can’t pull them off. Again, I think it’s fun to indulge in some trends but some do have more staying power than others. Pick a few to incorporate into your style but don’t go hard on one trend or you’ll end up needing a whole new wardrobe pretty quickly.

What trends above do you like or not like?


4 Comments on Trends I Like & Trends I Don’t

  1. Remy
    May 6, 2019 at 2:17 pm (4 years ago)

    A style you’ll see on every contestant on the bachelor Enough said!

    • thedressdecoded
      May 19, 2019 at 8:21 pm (4 years ago)

      lol!! yes!

  2. Bianca
    May 6, 2019 at 3:44 pm (4 years ago)

    I totally agree! I like changes up small things- statement earrings are so in right now and I ordered a bunch of new, cheap pairs (thinking about how statement necklaces were huge a few years back). I tend to stay away from “trendy” clothes, and opt for a slight variation on a classic style (like bell sleeves on a classic white shirt)


    • thedressdecoded
      May 19, 2019 at 8:21 pm (4 years ago)

      yes i love the slight variations on trends! they have more staying power!


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