Transitioning from Winter to Spring (Collab with Audrey à La Mode)

One of my favorite topics to write about on my blog is how to transition seasons. I believe transitioning seasons is truly an art to be mastered that does not always come natural (even for myself), but with a few quick tips can be done effortlessly! Spring technically starts March 20th, so while the weather is warming up we do not want to jump both feet into warm weather wear. Side note – it was 60 degrees in Michigan today and I saw people wearing flip flops… hold off on those for now.

Here are my tips for seamlessly transitioning from winter to spring:

  • A great rule of thumb for transitioning seasons is to wear fabrics appropriate for the current season but in colors that hint towards the next. Example – I love white corduroy pants because they are a thicker, winter fabric, but very appropriate to tie into spring.
  • Make subtle hints towards the next season by incorporating more pastels, but still keep neutrals in to tone the outfit down. Example – a navy blazer will tone down a pastel pink button down shirt.
  • Use spring-like accessories to accent your outfit without going over the top. Example – a floral scarf will look fresh with your navy sweater.

IMG_4661A few of my favorite transition outfits.

I recently started putting away winter clothes and bringing out some spring items. I put away heavy sweaters while keeping a few lighter ones out that are in versatile colors (such as navy, cream, etc). I also made sure to put away my winter plaid shirts and bring out brighter shirts that can be layered nicely under sweaters, vests, and blazers. I’m now in the process of putting away riding boots and winter boots, while keeping rain boots and duck boots.

Here are three outfits you’ll see me wear while transitioning:


 How do you transition seasons? Do you find it to be tricky or does it come easy to you?


I’m collaborating on this topic with the lovely Audrey à La Mode who has quickly become my go-to blog and instagram account for outfit inspiration.  Please check out her post today on transitioning and take a peek at her instagram – I promise you will not be disappointed!



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