Top Winter Boot Picks

sorel / clarks / ll bean


Growing up and residing in Michigan, we have had more than our fair share of winter weather. I rely heavily on my winter boots to get me through the season, and have rounded up what I believe are the best of the best! I’ll go over my pro’s and con’s of each below:

Warmest: Sorel Boots

The pair I’m wearing above isn’t available anymore, but from my research both online and asking friends who own the Joan of Arctic pair, they tend to agree that they are the warmest of the bunch! Whenever I’m going to be outside for a long period of time, but not in snow (think paved sidewalks, etc.), these are my go-to.

Pro’s: Extremely warm and comfortable!

Con’s: Can be bulky, doesn’t transition well to indoor wear.

Most Waterproof: L.L. Bean

It’s no secret I love L.L. Bean – especially the Bean Boots! I own the thinsulate 8″ pair, and find they’re great for 3 season use (fall-spring). I use the L.L. Bean boot guard to waterproof the leather at the beginning of every season and they’ve held up fantastic over the past three years of pretty regular use and abuse. I don’t think they’re the warmest choice since the thinsulate option really means it insulates the bottom portion only, but with thick socks they’re not bad. L.L. Bean does make Bean Boots that are notoriously warm such as the Wicked Good Bean Boot and the Shearling Lined Bean Boot, but they’d be way too warm for use in the fall, spring, or indoors. I bet the Shearling Lined version would be a contender for “best overall”.

Pro’s: Attractive, very waterproof, guaranteed by the company, can be worn 6 months out of the year and transitions easily to being worn indoors without being too warm.

Con’s: Not the warmest option if you’re outside for longer periods of time, thinsulate only insulates the bottom and not the rest of the foot.

Best Overall: Clark’s Mazlyn Arctic

When the weather gets its roughest both in freezing temperatures and lots of snow, these are my go-to pair! I’ve own them for five years and they still look brand new even though I’ve put a lot of miles on them. When I go snowshoeing or long walks in the snow, I always opt for these because they are the best of both worlds. Being both extremely warm and waterproof, they’ve served me well. I wouldn’t opt for any other boot for being outdoors for long periods of time and being able to keep my feet warm and dry. The red laces are a pretty nice touch too!

Pro’s: Warm, waterproof, the top part can be folded down for a different look, high enough to be a great choice in deep snow, traction on the bottom of the boot for slick areas

Con’s: Not many, but they seem to fit a little too snug when I wear thicker socks. Thankfully I don’t need too thick of socks with these.


Do you have a winter boot you love? I’d love to know!


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