Top 5 c/o Items I Use

When you see an item on a blog say “c/o” after it, it means that the item was given to the person by the brand or a store that carries that brand. I have been lucky to receive many items “care of” from a brand, and I only say yes to a company if it’s something I would wear and use. I know a lot of bloggers get items, wear them for a post, and never use them again, but I can truthfully say I wear and use everything I’ve been given. There are, however, 5 items that really stand out that I use daily. Although I wear all my clothes, I don’t wear the same clothes everyday, so this list is mostly accessories.

I think the amount I use the items is really a testament to how great they are. I am surprised by how often I use some of them! Check out my list below:

1. Demoiselle Pearl stud earrings. When this brand reached out to me, I picked out two beautifully necklaces to wear, and she ended up sending me these studs as well. I have always worn pearl studs (the ones in giant packs from Claire’s), but these are so much better. They are extremely high quality yet still affordable enough where if I lose one I’m not out too much. I wear these 6 out of 7 days a week and can’t stress how much I love them.


2. IziPizi Sunglasses. This French company reached out and asked to send me sunglasses. I would normally say no to this type of offer (being unfamiliar with the company), but the style shown above peaked my interest because I’ve always liked the style but was never sure if I’d like them on my face shape. I’m so glad I said yes because I love this pair –  I keep them in my car and use them daily. I mostly photograph in one of my pairs of Ray-Bans, but these are probably what I wear the most. They are a softer rubber material and pretty indestructible so I feel at ease throwing them on for whatever activity and not thinking twice about it.

3. Barrington Gifts Tote. I have more totes than I can count, but I always reach to this one for some reason. It’s just a nice size that works for my life and the outside is nylon so I don’t have to worry about getting it wet and being ruined vs. a cotton tote. I don’t know if there’s anything extremely special about the tote except that the size, the interior pockets, and the material it’s made out of work well in my daily life. I like that it’s more on the narrow side so I can throw things in there and they stay upright. With as many totes as I own, I was surprised at how much I’ve used this tote over the past year. It’s really a great accessory that I’ve grown to love a lot!


4. Tucker Blair Card Holder. This is an item I’m very surprised I use as much as I do! I loved the look of it so I eagerly said yes when they asked me to do a post on it, but I wasn’t sure if it would get as much use in my daily life since I have a larger wallet. I now keep my I.D. and credit cards in this and slip it into whatever bag I’m using (gym bag, purse, tote), instead of throwing my entire wallet around. I’ve been so happy with the versatility and the ability to put it in my pocket when grocery shopping instead of bringing my larger handbag. It’s another item I use daily and can’t imagine living without it.

5. Mark & Graham car organizer. I did a post on this past September and cannot tell you how amazing this car organizer is. I don’t always keep the cooler in my car, but the organizer stays in my car 24/7. I’m a year into owning a hatchback for the first time in my life, and this car organizer does not move at all. It makes it easy for putting things in the back without having to worry about them moving all around. The best use is putting groceries in it since it keeps it upright and organized on the ride home. I’m so sold on this piece that if something happened to it I wouldn’t hesitate to order a new one. If you have a hatch back and have a problem with items moving around the back, this will solve your problem.


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