Three Favorite Marie Kondo Tips

If you have Netflix, you probably got on the Marie Kondo train this past January when they released her show. I kept hearing how watching it would spur on the urge to organize, but I doubted it would affect me. I’m pretty organize and already love closet tips, but by the end of the first episode I sprang into action and refolded all my drawers. Below are my favorite three tips from the closet section of the KonMari Method.

  • Keeping what sparks you joy. This is one of the main points of her method in which you take each item and decide if you really love it. It helped me let go of items that I was keeping for no good reason, didn’t fit right, or I had a better version of it. I realized I didn’t need multiple versions of something, just the best version. It made room in my closet for items I really love! Now I didn’t pull everything out like she instructed but I did all my clothes that were in season at that point (winter) and then again when I brought out my spring/summer clothes. Want to see some of the clothes I’m parting with? Check out my poshmark here.
  • Folding vertically has changed my life. Not only can I fit all my pants in one drawer instead of two, but I have a visible vantage point of everything in the drawer. I’ve done this with all my drawers and it’s worked so well for my pants, workout clothes, and pajamas/loungewear. I even did my daughters closet and it’s helped a ton! I can’t believe Ive never folded like this before and I hope I never get out of the habit. It creates more space and is so much more functional.
  • Using boxes for drawer organization. During each episode, Marie will bring the family a bunch of random boxes and lids and tells them to use these in their drawer to help separate items. I thought to myself that I’ll just go buy drawer organizers, but she advises against this because using boxes you already have is more functional and easier to rearrange to fit your needs. When I was going through my things, I noticed I kept a LOT of boxes. Like every nicer box an item had ever come in, I kept it for some reason. So I got to work in my drawers and I’m so happy with the results. I did my jewelry drawer, sock drawer, even a place for my sunglasses. The KJP bracelet boxes are so perfect because they’re lined with maps so they’re cute and functional.

Those are the three biggest tips I got out of the KonMari method, but there are many other parts of her philosophy that make so much sense. She believes in displaying the things that you love and that spark joy, which is why I pulled out things that were hidden and put them on display so I could see them everyday. I definitely got the spring cleaning fever after seeing her show and now I’m loving the way my closet is organized!


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