The Case for Plaid Pants

I’ve never been one to blend in, especially when it comes to the holidays. There are so many fun options for outfits with all the bright colors, tartans, and metallics to choose from, that I have a hard time narrowing down outfit choices most of the time. I personally gravitate towards plaids, and can’t resist a good plaid pant. They’re not as common as you’d think, so you’re sure to be one of the few who dare to wear them.

turtleneck c/o talbots / plaid pants c/o talbots

The plaid pant shown above from Talbots (now on sale!) is my all time favorite pattern. The darker plaid with red, green, and yellow mixed throughout it is a tartan I’ve worn since I was little. It’s really easy to wear as it pairs flawlessly with navy, white, red, or black.

Sidenote – these two bracelets mean so much to me! Joe got me the heart locket bracelet for Christmas a long time ago. It’s a vintage bracelet that’s 128 years old (100 years older than me!). The other one is a vintage bracelet from the 1960’s that I got off of Etsy years before becoming pregnant. I dreamed of having a little girl named Virginia and while getting my friend one for her daughter Ruthie, I snatched the Virginia one up just in case I had a girl named that one day. 


A pair of plaid pants make for a perfect holiday outfit idea especially if you have many parties to go to. It’s timeless, so you can be sure you’ll get use out of it year after year. I rarely see anyone else wearing them as many people opt for simple outfit these days, but I think it’s wonderful to stand out and show some holiday spirit.

Here are a few more examples of how I’ve styled plaid pants throughout the years. A classy way is to wear a white shirt tucked into it with heels. I thought it looked glamorous!

Have you worn plaid pants around the holidays? Would you try it?


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