The Case for a Colorful Coat

I’ve written about this topic before, and wanted to bring it back up since now is a great time to get a coat on sale.

Living in a cold weather state, I have an extensive coat collection. The winter season is so long, I get to wear each and every one of them multiple times. One thing I’ve noticed is that the general public doesn’t like to wear bright and colorful coats. When I’m out, I notice that almost everyone has a black coat but you’ll seldom see a colorful one. I understand why people own dark color coats – they “go” with everything and they don’t show dirt as much (although I have never had trouble with my lighter coats). I’m not against have a few darker, neutral coats, and I own several myself. I’m just here to convince you that you need at least one colorful coat.

  • You’ll brighten up the darkest days. Winter days are already shorter and even when it’s daytime the clouds are covering the sun. When the weather is dull, you’ll brighten things up by adding a pop of color into a sea of dark coats.
  • You’ll find your coat faster. On many occasions, you’ll be asked to hang up your coat, use coat check, place it on a bed during a party, etc. It’s hard to find your coat when it looks like everyone else’s, but I bet you’ll spot your colorful coat immediately.
  • You’ll stand out in a good way. Nothing looks prettier against a backdrop of white snow than a colorful coat. Choosing color over another black coat will show your personality and look stunning in both photos and real life. Wearing color puts warmth back into your face in these cold months and is very flattering. You’ll thank me later when you’re showered in compliments over your cheery choice.

So whether its a puffer, duffel, trench, etc., most stores have an alternative to your basic black coat and I’m urging you to choose it. You’ll find it’s easier than you think to wear it with your wardrobe, and you’ll feel great for getting outside of your comfort zone.

One last tip – if you’re convinced to buy a color coat, think of what color pants you wear most and coordinate it with that. For example, I wear a lot of olive green pants in the winter so a green coat doesn’t serve me as well since it’s green on green. Figure out what two colors you wear most and find a color that goes best with them.


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