Sweater Care


Now that sweater weather is in full swing,it’s time to think about how to prolong our sweaters so they look just as great year after year.

Folding vs. hanging is discretionary to each individual. Some would never dare to hang their sweaters, but I own a few very “sturdy” sweaters where hanging does not affect it very much. I fold most of my sweaters, especially delicate cardigans and sweaters I want to have for a long time as this is the best way to care for them. The disadvantage to folding is if you put them in a drawer it’s hard to see them all at once (out of sight, out of mind). I fix this by folding them in a rolled way so I can see part of the sweater at a glance when I open the drawer. See below:


Hanging Tip – an easy and completely safe way to hang sweaters is to use this method I wrote about last year where you fold your sweater in a certain way and then hang it up.

Sweater dents made from hangers happen when you hang up a sweater incorrectly, however, there’s an easy fix that I’ve personally found to work when I’ve hung a sweater that I should have been folded:

  • Put on the sweater
  • Wet the dents made from the hanger
  • Rub and blow dry the dent
  • Repeat until the sweater fibers shrink and sweater is good to go

Sweater pilling occurs over time where you’ll find excess “lint” found on areas where the sweater may rub together such as under the arm. An easy fix for that is to get a sweater shaver and gently go over the problem area. Every person should own one of these as they come in handy since most don’t notice the fuzz til they are wearing the item. I use it on coats and scarves are well.

Off-season storage is a vital part to keeping your sweaters looking good every year. I like to put mine in a sealed garment storage bag, and after this sweater season I will be adding moth balls to it to keep them fresh and free of any damage.

Do you have any sweater care tips?



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