Summer —–> Fall

It’s that time of year again – that funny season that’s still technically summer but post labor day. You may be eager to get out all your fall clothes, but depending on where you live it is likely too warm for a full wardrobe transition. Here are my tried and true tips for a flawless closet transition.

First things first, I turn over my closet seasonally which means as the weather changes I put away some items and get things out. I do a big closet turnover from winter to spring and also summer to fall. Right now it’s still summer so I’m not getting all my fall clothes out but I’ve gone into my colder weather clothes and chosen a few items that can work in this transitional time.

1. Wearing white (yes, after labor day) is the way to go when transitioning seasons. I’m a big advocate for wearing white year round, and an outfit with white denim jeans and fall colors elsewhere is a lovely combo. White brightens and deepens the rich tones of fall while still giving a nod to warmer weather.

2. Play around with earth tones, neutrals, and textures. Now is the time to bring out chambray, camel, olive, and even fun patterns like darker florals or tasteful leopard. Find what fresh fall tones you’re attracted to and work them into your wardrobe.

3. Bring in fall with accessories. This is easiest, fool proof way to transition your closet. Think tortoise shell, leather, and gold tones. Working fall accessories into your summer wardrobe will ease into the next season without full on jumping in prematurely.

I’m also a big fan of wearing weather appropriate clothing with a hint towards the next season. For example – olive green shorts with a chambray button down shirt is a more tone downed outfit that looks great post labor day while not sweating it out in a full on fall outfit.

What are your best tips during this transitional time?

Do you switch your closet over?


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