Sucker for Seersucker

Seersucker is one of summer’s hottest (but actually coolest) fabrics that can be found in many shapes and forms from decorative to functional. Seersucker is a cotton fabric with a texture that is purposefully puckered/bumpy that causes it to lay off the skin making it a physically cooler fabric to wear. Its origins in the United States started as the fabric railroad workers would wear to help keep them cool, which is why you’ll sometimes see the stripe on items still associated with the railroad industry. It was worn by poor people until the 1920’s when preppy Americans adopted it in the form of full suits and bow ties.

ladies seersuckertop row: one c/o duffield lane   / twothree c/o vineyard vines

bottom row: four c/o lauren james /  five (i own this and it’s only $35)  / six


From 2012 onwards, seersucker blazers and pants made a comeback among American men due to a resurgence of interest in preppy clothing and the 1920s fashion showcased in The Great Gatsby. [via wikipedia] Although it’s best known for keeping you cool, seersucker rarely needs to be ironed making it great for travel. Remember – some fabrics just print the tight seersucker stripe on it, but real seersucker has the puckered feel to it.

Personally, I have many seersucker pieces that I rotate through all summer. I always reach for one of my seersucker dresses on a super hot day knowing it will serve me well. A few years back, Joe was in a wedding where the suits were a full seersucker suit. We didn’t know it back then, but that suit gets worn more than the rest! He stands out in a good way when he wears it and he doesn’t overheat.


men's seersuckerone / two / three

four / five / six

Do you love seersucker? What pieces do you have in the summer fabric?


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