Styling White Pants for Fall


vest – j crew factory / shirt – j crew factory (recent), white denim – land’s end (old) / wedges – sperry

I love the look of white pants year round as they are a fresh neutral that tend to make other tones look even brighter and richer. I used to shy away from wearing white after labor day, but now it’s the norm and also easy to pull off! For the look above, I wore a orange/blue/white flannel I recently got from J Crew Factory with the white denim. I thought the white in the plaid helped compliment the pants and tied it all together. I made sure to keep my accessories darker to keep it from look too summer.

The keys to wearing white denim after labor day effortlessly are:

  1. Pair it with fall colors to make them pop. Olive green, navy, burgundy, etc. all look incredible when worn with white. It will tone down the summer feel of the pants to easily transition them to fall.
  2. Avoid any trace of summer colors. If I wore a chambray shirt and pink puffer vest with the white denim, it would look too spring. Also, be careful of just navy paired with white as it can come off nautical/summer. This can be remedied by adding an extra layer (such as a collar shirt, vest, sweater, etc.) to bring texture and dimension.
  3. Darken your accessories with rich brown leathers – such as a belt, purse, boots, etc. This will help distinguish your outfit as a fall outfit and make you look like you know what you’re doing.


See how great white pants can look for fall when done correctly? Do you wear white pants after Labor Day?



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