Signet Rings

FullSizeRenderSignet rings are very classic prep and a staple that never goes out of style. They were at the height of their popularity in the 1950’s/60’s, and have come back strong in recent years. I had a gold plated signet ring that I wore on my right hand ring finger, but it tarnished easily. I then desired to find a signet ring that I could wear on my right pinky since that’s how they’re traditionally worn. My ring size was so small that I ended up turning to Etsy to search for one and had tremendous luck! I’m happy to share this Etsy shop that I’ve grown to love and hope you find something you love from it too!

Diament Designs Jewelry is a vintage jewelry shop that has stock items from a jewelry store that closed that dates back to the 50’s and 60’s. There’s a ton of name jewelry with all names popular from that era, so if you happen to have an old fashion name you may be in luck! There were many “Robin” name items since my name was popular during the mid century.

signet ring shopThe best part is their wide stock of signet rings that come in many sizes and letters. Since my pinky is a unique size, I ended up going with the initial “J” for my husband Joe. There are two different types of signet rings – gold plated and gold fill. I prefer gold fill because it is a heavy duty material that is less likely to tarnish. I can wear my ring on a daily basis (and have been) and can wash my hands without worrying about my ring. I’ve worn my ring every day for a month and it still looks great – which isn’t surprising since it’s held up this well for 50+ years.


So if you’ve always wanted a signet ring, I think this is the best route to go and here’s why:

  • The prices are way better than buying one brand new.
  • They are less likely to tarnish.
  • It’s vintage which makes them more unique and interesting!
  • You can find sizes for your pinky.

Yesterday I met an older lady wearing one exactly like mine except the letter “K” in the same style script. It was very cool to talk about it with her since hers is from the era in which mine is from!

Check out Diament Designs Jewelry for their signet rings, but also take a look at their other stuff. Vintage jewelry is so cool – my favorite pieces in my personal jewelry collection are mostly vintage. I believe it makes you stand out and gives your items an awesome backstory.




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