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My house has four small bedrooms, and since it is only my husband and I living there, he graciously let me use the spare room to turn it into my “dressing room”, or basically a big walk in closet. It may not always serve that purpose as we grow older, but it is nice to have the whole space to myself to get ready in.

Here are the closets in the room. I use the left side for shoes and tops, and I store hats, purses, and other accessories on the top shelf. It goes a little deeper in than the pictures shows, so it’s handy for tucking away my hamper. The right side is for skirts, dresses, and in the fall I hang my blazers on this side. It goes in deeper to store my bigger totes, and the top shelf is used for more hats and a basket with my headbands in it.

photo 4

Here is the view with the closets closed. I had three hooks in the center to hang a top, bottom, and accessory on the side. I plan what I wear the night before so it’s nice to hang it up. The left closet door has my wedding veil on it.

photo 3

I got this ottoman at Marshall’s Home Goods, and it’s great for seating and has storage in it. I use it for folded sweaters in the winter, and in the summer it holds hats (yes, more hats).

photo 2This chandelier was from PB Teen and hangs right above the ottoman. The ceiling medallion is an inexpensive find from Home Depot. I have a plainer one in my dining room and it adds some extra elegance.

photo 2

My vanity is my favorite piece of furniture in this room! It was a present from my parents for my bridal shower. I do my make up here and store my jewelry in the drawers.

photo 1The center drawer of my vanity is where I keep my favorite necklaces and bracelets for easy access.

Picture 4
Picture 6 I have an old dress form that my wedding dress fits on perfectly, which makes a nice display allowing me to enjoy the dress rather than tucking it away somewhere.

photo 1

Lastly, my dresser holds my jewelry box, my alarm clock, and a small blue ginger jar lamp.


photo 5

My lamp is from TJ Maxx and is Ralph Lauren. Picture 7

A few FAQs about this room – I hand stenciled the walls with this stencil, which is an inexpensive alternative to wallpaper. The paint colors are by Glidden – here and here. All the furniture  (with the exception of the ottoman) was built by the Amish and is brown maple with a coffee stain. You may contact me if you want further information on a piece.


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