Q&A Friday: Knowing What Size to Buy

Q: What are some tips for knowing your size when buying online?

A: I do a lot of online shopping and sizing can be really tricky. I can be anywhere from a double zero to a size six (mostly in between) depending on which brand I’m buying. Because sizing is all over the place, there really is no standard to go by. The best thing to do is forget the size number and go by the measurements.

The most important thing to aim for is for your clothes to fit well. Having them too tight makes you appear larger than you are, having them too big looks sloppy. Focusing on the number/size is going to distract you from finding clothes that fit YOU well*.

*****Keep in mind that the way your wear an items should factor into your size. I tend to buy bigger in outerwear/jackets because I’m laying them over sweaters. Buying my normal size would make me appear bulky! If you tend to tuck things in, you should buy a bigger waist size to accommodate the style. If you tend to layer over, you should have slimmer waist pants.

Every person should own a cloth measuring tape and keep it nearby when you are online shopping. Almost every website gives a very detailed guide on their measurements. If you are still unsure or between sizes, see if they have free returns (or a local store) and buy both to try on at home. Also, any good online shopping website should have reviews for an item. Do yourself a favor and read through these to get an ideal of sizing. There are many times I ordered a different size because of reviews and was very happy with how it fit later.

Have you ever bought the wrong size online?




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