Q&A Friday: Are Statement Necklaces Still In Style?

my personal collection above

Question: Are statement necklaces still in style?

Answer: Most statement necklaces are still in style. I don’t remember “statement necklaces” being such a huge trend before 2010ish when J Crew came out with the bubble necklace, and since then they seem to be everywhere. When I say most are in style, I don’t think ones that were super popular for a time and died out still are – hence the bubble necklace, but something like pearl clusters are timeless. I still love and wear statement necklaces like the ones on my vanity in the photo above. I wear the pearl ones way more than the other two since the other two are so fancy, but I think fancier statement necklaces can be dressed down quite a bit such as buttoning up a chambray shirt and wearing the necklace over or under it.

When wearing a statement necklace, keep all other jewelry simple. I see so many statement necklaces paired with matching earrings, and it can be too much. You want your look to be effortless, not too matchy-matchy.

So while the current trend seems to be more minimalist/dainty jewelry, statement necklaces are still thriving and have staying power. Try to look for statement necklaces that are more timeless rather than the latest and great trend.


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