Plaid for Christmas

top row r-l: dress  /  dress  /  dress

bottom row r-l: blouse  /  skirt  / button down

I like to buy a few new “stand out” items to add to my Christmas wardrobe each year, and they usually always end up being plaid. I hope I never get to the point where I think tartan is too over the top and resort to wearing all neutrals. That seems too boring for this festive time of year!

My two favorite items above are the dress in the top center and the button down shirt on the bottom right. I love the tartan colors in the dress, and the pocket on the button down is unexpected. A good time to buy these items would be Cyber Monday so you’ll get a discount and are able to wear them all holiday season.

I almost entitled this post “Things I’d Buy if I Weren’t Pregnant” as they are all items that won’t fit me this year. I might just wait til after Christmas and see if I can get them at a deep discount in my regular size for next Christmas. I get sad thinking of all my normal “holiday” outfits that I traditionally wear that I’m unable to this year, but it’s really no big deal and this time next year I’ll be back to wearing all my favorite things and maybe even a few new things! 🙂


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