Paul J. Havel

I came across Paul’s instagram account about a year ago and decided to follow after being impressed by his style and creativity. Each photo and video is of the utmost quality and attention to detail that has preppy accessory brands Bull + Moose and Smathers & Branson having him make videos for their own instagram accounts. Joe & I had the opportunity to meet Paul when he came up to Michigan with his family to visit Greenfield Village & Henry Ford Museum, and had a great time chatting with him for a few hours. He proved to be as cool and interesting as his instagram account led us to believe, and just as talented as we imagined. I’m most impressed by his videos that he shoots all on his iPhone. Do yourself a favor and check out his account and watch the videos he’s worked on –  you can find him at @pjhavel.

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photo 2

me & paul

me & paul

Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe


Here are a few pictures from Paul’s Instagram Account:

photo 1photo 2

photo 5photo 3photophoto 4


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