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I’ve had the opportunity to work with a few brands recently that I had never heard of and came to love. I more often than not say no to working with brands I’m unfamiliar with because I’m afraid I’ll be unhappy with the style and quality. I want to be authentic as I can be with my audience so I try to do my due diligence in researching brands and asking questions before committing to working with them. The following three brands are recent companies I’ve worked with and was very pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed!


This jewelry company surpassed my expectations! I loved so many styles but settled on these earrings because they go with a lot that I wear. Since receiving them three weeks ago, I’ve worn them numerous times and have received many compliments.

I’m not just impressed with the earrings I got, but the whole style of Shiver and Duke. It reminds me of what a seasoned world traveler would wear – eye catching and intriguing, but also high end. Each piece has a unique look that I don’t see many other places. In the accessory industry you often find jewelry companies copying each other and putting out similar products, but Shiver and Duke is a refreshing take in copycat world. I hope to have many Shiver and Duke pieces in my collection over the years. Check out their website just to see how beautiful and unique their pieces really are!


scalloped topstriped shirt with ruffle sleeve / braided sandal

2. The Brimm Boutique

At first glance, this brand seemed a little too boho for my style, but after going through their website I found quite a few pieces that looked like they would fit well in my style. Both tops I got are blue, striped, and have a unique detail to them. The shoes are a beautiful shade and are not like anything else I own.

The tops are lightweight, and at $35 a piece I’m not expecting them to be the best quality but I’ve worn them quite often lately and they’re holding up great through multiple washes and wear. I find myself reaching for them over and over again, hoping no one notices I keep rotating them so much! 🙂

When I got pregnant I quickly realized that having an entire closet full of button down shirts wasn’t the best for a changing body. These shirts are beautiful, forgiving, and have feminine details that I love.

arcade cuff bracelet

3. Les Georgettes

This company’s concept caught my eye immediately because it’s something I have not seen in jewelry before. They sell all types of jewelry, and make it so you can flip the leather insert to reveal a different color. I love how this changes up the look completely and feels like I’m getting two bracelets in one. Both the cuff and the leather are great quality, and look and feel high end.

If you take a peek at their website you’ll see the hundreds of options available for bracelets, such as cuff thickness, design, metal, and leather colors. I love following them on Instagram just to see what other people have created.  Again it’s a great concept that I thought was very unique and done well!

Have you heard of any of these brands? Which one is your favorite?


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