My Gym Hairstyles

I’m a fitness instructor at Life Time Fitness a few mornings a week before my full time job, and while some mornings I just throw my hair back in a ponytail with a headband, most of the time I like to spend a tiny bit more time on my hair since I’m on stage in front of a room of 40+ people. I’m a big fan of a high pony, but I gravitate towards styles that have detail down the back of my head since it fits best with my mic (yes, I get a Britney mic and I love it). Here are my top five hairstyles for the gym:

IMG_9025A reverse french braid, or dutch braid, is just a regular french braid except you braid under instead of over. I like it because the braid sits nicely on top of the head, and when pulled apart to spread it, it looks really cool. Here’s a youtube tutorial on the dutch braid. IMG_9024This twisted pony is just a style I made up (although I found a similar tutorial for a “woven pony” here. I twisted the hair pieces (about two on each side) and crossed them over each other. I then pulled all the hair into a low pony. I always get a lot of compliments on this easy style!

IMG_9015A segmented pony is a style I do a lot of variations of. Sometimes I pull it into a high pony and then do the segment look, and when my hair isn’t cooperating, I just do this french segmented pony down the length of my hair. It creates a cool, faux-hawk-eqsue look that’s a little edgier and keeps all my hair in place.


This rope twist braid is my new favorite! It’s so easy and stays put. The tutorial explains it really well.

FullSizeRenderFinally, I just learned this pull-through braid and it’s a game changer. All you need are some clear plastic hair ties! This tutorial explains it best.


I want to hear from you – what’s your favorite hairstyle for the gym?


3 Comments on My Gym Hairstyles

  1. Suzanne
    July 13, 2015 at 7:57 am (8 years ago)

    Beautiful hairstyles Robin! You have such amazingly thick and gorgeous hair! I have such a hard time doing those styles on myself, did it take you a while to learn how to do them? My arms get so tired trying to reach around and work those braids! They look really nice on you, so great for warm summer weather.

    • thedressdecoded
      July 13, 2015 at 9:01 pm (8 years ago)

      Thank you so much! It took me a long time to learn to french braid my own hair, but I practiced a lot and it just clicked on day only a few months ago. The dutch braid is only a reverse french braid, and from there the other styles came easier. I think the rope twist one is the easiest because it’s only two sections! I watch a lot of youtube videos and practice, and that’s how it comes to me. My dream is to do a 5 strand braid on myself. 🙂

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