Marriage & Monograms

I love a well placed monogram, in fact there are very few monograms I don’t like. I think initials are a simple and elegant way to personalize everyday items and I’m completely on board with it. Let’s first talk about the proper way to monogram:

via the knot

A single monogram is pretty straight forward. My married name is Robin Ashley Crabb, so if the initials are all the same size straight across, I do RAC. If the middle initial is bigger, it would be RCA.

via the knot

When you’re married, you can do a “couple’s monogram”, where the woman’s initial goes first – last name in the middle – and man’s initial last. I have a couple’s monogram on various things, including on a decal above my bed.

Before marriage, I monogrammed way too many things that soon became my “old monogram”. My maiden name is VanNieulande, so RVA was on so many things! Sidenote: my original IG name was @vannieulande, and when I got married I failed to get a version of my new name, so hence my IG name @robinvancrabb. I had a hard time changing my last name when I got married. My maiden name felt like a big part of my identity and it took me awhile to slowly ease into my new last name. My instagram handle is a fond reminder that I’m still a VanNieulande. 🙂

I kept most of my old monogrammed items (minus things that I no longer use), and think they are kind of a fun way to remember that time of my life. I still have a few things that have RVA on them and wear/use them proudly. Since getting married, I started monogramming things with my new initials or a couple’s monogram. I think it’s important to do what feels right when it comes to changing your last name and monogram. It took me awhile to fully go by my married name, but I am now embracing my new last name while keeping my old identity.


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