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planner c/o lauren james 

I’m someone who still likes to write things down vs. an electronic calendar, and I’ definitey not alone. There’s been a big spike in popularity in recent years of going back to handwriting, and you can see it through the rise of beautiful hand lettering, bullet journals, and more choices of agendas.

I love using agendas, but choices used to be slim and everyone uses them so differently. I was pleasantly surprised with the Lauren James planner because it encompasses everything I already need for a planner.

It’s pretty thick, going from August 2017 – July 2018, and has pockets in the back for loose papers and lots of stickers for parties, appointments, days off etc. It may be a little too big for a purse but perfect for a tote. It’s more like the size of an iPad.

I like that it has gift ideas in the front. Buying gifts can be challenging, so I like to keep a running tab of ideas when I come across them, even if it’s months ahead of time. I also like how goal orientated it is having you set goals in the beginning of the month and then every week asking you how the goals are going. Instead of making “new year’s resolutions”, it keeps you accountable month to month, such is more successful over time.

My favorite part is the month and week view! I have never found a planner that really fit my needs and this is exactly how I would design one. I love having the month at a glance view, but also to break down the week – but what makes this one different is the heath trackers. This is something I’ve done on my own with a bullet journal so I know it’s something I will be using with this agenda. You can plan your meals and workouts, and track your water intake. I’ve never seen a regular planner like this so I was really happy to see it integrated in a non-fitness planner.

I am looking forward to using this Lauren James planner come August to keep me on track!

Do you use a planner or have you gone digital? I’m really encouraged by stores like Paper Source because they show that print and writing is not dead. I love writing things down instead of typing them on my phone!

P.S. My favorite pens EVER for planners / may books  /etc. are Le Pen. I get the big pack on Amazon. 



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