Last Min Valentine’s Outfit Ideas

I have always loved Valentine’s long before having a boyfriend, and have sent cards to friends almost every year of my adult life. I have friends who share the same excitement that send me Valentines, host Galentine’s day parties, etc. It’s more fun when you focus on the fun of the holiday and not on whether you’re single of not. Every Valentine’s Day is different for us. Some years it’s casual, some more fancy, but this year it will be right down the middle.

Valentine’s Day is not something I plan my outfit for way in advanced, so I’m usually going through my closet last minute for an outfit idea. Here are my tips for dressing for Valentine’s Day last minute no matter how you’re celebrating.

Dressing neutral with a tiny bit of pink or red is a great way to subtly celebrate the holiday during daytime hours. I love how cream pairs with soft pink in the winter and especially on an occasion such as Valentine’s Day. Look for pieces in your closet in these feminine tones and work them into a neutral, casual outfit.

Go for the all time great Valentine’s color combo of red and pink. I have come to love red and pink together over the years, even outside of Valentine’s day, but it is truly unique to the holiday. I would do a softer pink alongside red for more of a contrast, and pair it with white or demin to make it pop. You’ll be looking extra Valentine’s appropriate in no time.

Take a second look at your holiday clothes for Valentine’s inspiration. The dress above was originally apart of Sailor Sailor’s Holiday collection, but it works great for a fancier Valentine’s Day look. A solid red piece you wore around Christmas may look fresh again paired with neutrals and lady like accessories. Just stay away from any plaids and overuse of metallics so it doesn’t look too Christmas-like.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What type of outfit do you usually gravitate towards?


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  1. Bianca
    February 13, 2019 at 2:22 pm (4 years ago)

    Love this post! I love wearing pinks and reds around Valentine’s Day. I celebrate every holiday and wearing those colour make me excited for spring!!


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