Ladylike Accessories – The Brooch

Screen shot 2014-11-21 at 10.41.11 AMThe most underrated item of my three part series, the brooch. This is one of the most versatile accessories a girl can own. Walk into any second hand shop or antique store and you’re able to find a wide range of brooches from a simple gold bow to more extravagant shimmering pieces.  It’s a wonder why every girl doesn’t have a staple brooch in her collection as it can easily replace other jewelry to create an understated, elegant look. Here are 7 ways I styled one brooch.


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Whenever it is tricky to find a necklace to go with the neckline of a sweater, such as a wide neck sweater or one with a collar, a brooch can easily remedy the situation. It can dress up any sweater when placed off-center on the neckline.





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One of my favorite ways to wear a brooch is on a dress. Sometimes we tend to overdo it with a “statement necklace” along with other loud accessories. A simple brooch on the collar looks simple and elegant.




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Silk Scarf:

The gold tone of my brooch works well with the tones in my scarf making it a welcomed addition to this look. It’s subtle, yet dresses up the outfit as a whole.





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Smoking Slippers:

Keeping the rest of your outfit simple, you could add brooches to your smoking slippers for a fun look. They don’t have to match in shape, but they should match in tone.




Screen shot 2014-11-21 at 10.41.35 AM





I added mine to a newsboy cap, but you could add a brooch from anything to a wide brim hat (on the part where a ribbon would go) or to dress up a baseball cap.






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Winter Coat:

My absolute favorite way to use a brooch is on a collar of your favorite wool coat. You don’t see jewelry, such as a necklace, when it’s covered up by a coat, so think of a brooch as visible jewelry. People everywhere will appreciate your nod to the classic brooch style.





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A brooch looks polished on the collar or on the pocket of your favorite blazer. Keep your jewelry simple when sporting a brooch in this way so you’re not competing with the two pieces.


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