J. Crew Nordic Boots Review

J. Crew’s Nordic Boots have become quite popular the past few years as it meshes the look of a hiking boot with the functionality and style of an everyday boot. The shearling detail and red laces are what got me when I was researching this style a few years ago. I got these for Christmas in 2017 and I admit they were a LIFESAVER at that time. I was in my last months of pregnancy and my feet were swollen to the point where I could only wear my L.L. Bean Boots and shoes I borrowed from my mom (who’s a shoe size larger than me). These boots not only fit my swollen feet well, but they provided the warmth and comfort I craved at that time. After wearing them the past two winters, there are some pro’s and con’s I’d love to share with anyone considering this boot.

Many people consider these boots to be snow boots but I would never categorize them that way. I have worn them in snow, but not deep snow, nor would I wear them if I planned on spending a long time outside in snow. They are NOT waterproof, and can accumulate permanent stains from snow and salt quickly if you aren’t careful. I knew this going into owning these boots so I treated them with Nubuck waterproofing spray, but that was only to keep light snow stains off and would not test them against walking through deep snow. Below are a picture of Carly the Prepster’s who did not treat them before wearing:

While I don’t use the boots in slush or deep snow, they are fine for everyday use. I will wear them to work, running errands, weekends, etc. The biggest pro to these boots is that they are insanely warm and comfortable. Like I said above, when my pregnant swollen feet couldn’t fit into the majority of my shoes, these were a God send! They are completely lined with shearling (faux on the inside and authentic on the outside) and are like walking on clouds. They are a little clunky if you needed to walk a LOT in them, but great for everyday wear. I really love the look of them with the red laces and shearling peeking through, and think they also look great with the cuffs up as well.

These run slightly large so my normal 7.5 fit more like an 8. After my feet went back to normal they still felt great but I now wear them with thicker socks. They also come with two laces so I changed them out recently for the neutral color to wear until after Thanksgiving.

Overall, if you know these are not true snow boots, they are worth the buy just for the look and the warmth. These Nordic Boots are the shoes I wear on the coldest days of the year because they are that warm! If you’re only looking to buy only one pair that has both warmth and is waterproof, I would definitely go with these L.L. Bean Boots that have a shearling lining.


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  1. Suzy D
    December 5, 2019 at 7:24 am (2 months ago)

    I have these boots also and wear them for weekends when its cold and dry outside. But for everything else, I’m in my LL Bean boots – thanks for the great review, I didn’t realize these were not waterproof.


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