iPhone Wallpaper

I love changing my iPhone background frequently and use photos I find from tumblr to putĀ  as my wallpaper. I used to have a tumblr just for posting iPhone backgrounds a few times a week and it grew pretty popular. I don’t update it anymore, but I thought I’d put a new iPhone wallpaper up on my blog every Wednesday. None of the photos are my own – I just find high resolutions of photos I like and size them for an iPhone screen. Check back next week for a different background!

Hold your finger over the image until it asks you to save image to your camera roll, then save it as your wallpaper from there.

P.S. If you have a different phone and would like to see backgrounds sized for it, please let me know and I’ll consider posting ones of different dimensions.


For iPhone 5/5s:


For iPad:



Bonus for iPhone 5/5s:



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