Hubbell Hille Smoking Slippers

Smoking Slippers c/o Hubbell Hille

I’m a big fan of the smoking slipper as they are a staple in the preppy, all-American wardrobe. I love all types of smoking slippers – needlepoint, kilim, linen, but these “hubblers” may be my new favorite! Saying I love the laurel wreath crest would be a complete understatement. These shoes are stunning both in photos and in real life. 🙂

The shoes fit large, so as a size 7 1/2 I went with a size 7 and they fit great without socks. There’s a 1″ heel that dresses it up a bit and adds an appropriate height to the shoe. I was most surprised how comfortable this pair was right out the box. It’s not uncommon for smoking slippers to have to be broken in over time, but I wore these two days in a row in complete comfort and no blisters. Mine are navy blue, but they also come in black.

Check out Hubbell Hille, the company who makes this shoe started by two sisters who work in the financial industry. This shoe has quickly become one of my favorites that I own and I’m excited to see what the future has in store for this company!

Use code “ROBIN15” for 15% off for your own pair of Hubblers!


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