How to Wear Ankle Boots and Wedge Booties


I’ve always been a fan of the wedge bootie as it’s easy to style and I find myself reaching for it from September thru May. I wasn’t sold on the ankle boot¬†at first because I wasn’t sure if it was just a passing trend, but this year my opinion changed completely as I realized it’s here to stay and perfect for in-between times when sandals nor riding boots are appropriate.

These two types of shoes are similar as they cut right at the ankle, making them great to style when done right. After some research, I’ve found many ways to wear this style of boot, but also the wrong ways. When done right, it can elongate the appearance of your leg and lighten up your look ( as opposed to a heavy boot).

Here’s how NOT to wear the ankle boot and wedge bootie:


When paired with a boot cut jean, you can let your jean go over the top of the bootie, but with a skinny jean you won’t want to tuck it in or over. Not only can it appear sloppy, but it will make your legs look shorter. I’m not saying this way can’t be done, but when it doubt, avoid it.


I love a cuff with ankle boots and wedge booties, but be mindful of how thick that cuff is. You’ll want to spend the extra time to make your cuff look polished vs. a quick roll up. The extra denim material in this look above makes my ankles look bulky because the cuff is way too thickly rolled.


Here’s how to wear your pants with wedge booties and ankle boots correctly:


Although this isn’t my favorite way to wear them, I do enjoy it from time to time. It shows a bit of ankle with a taller¬†cuff, but the cuff isn’t too bulky and looks quite stylish.


This is my go-to for styling pants with wedge booties and ankle boots. The cuff is nice and neat – not too bulky or sloppy. It shows a little bit of ankle to elongate my leg, but looks the most proportionate of all the looks.


How do you style your ankle boots and wedge booties?


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