How to Transition Winter to Spring

Transitioning your wardrobe and overall outfit choices from winter to spring is the trickiest of all season transitions because you still need to dress for the weather while looking spring appropriate. This topic of closet transitions is important because it takes a lot more thought and creativity than dressing in the middle of a season. I’ve come up with some quick tips to help get you into spring subtly and seamlessly.

The key to transitioning seasons is to consider both the weather and the time of year. While working in spring items into your current cold weather attire, let this be a gradual transition making little switches as the weather gets warmer. For example, put away the winter plaids and start incorporating spring pastels.


Clothes: Winter fabrics in spring colors is a great rule of thumb to transition seamlessly. You don’t want to go from wearing a puffer coat one day to looking like Easter Sunday the next. Make small subtle changes such as a sweater in a brighter color, or a white pair of corduroy pants. Use darker colors to accent the outfit so it’s not too “spring” too soon, but don’t let dark colors overpower the outfit.  For example, in the outfit I’m featuring today I wore a pink shirt, white corduroys, but then paired it with the navy blazer to tone it down.


Footwear: You can slowly stop wearing your boots with the exception of the spring weather appropriate rain boots and duck boots. Unless you live in a warm-weather state, try to hold off on wearing open toed shoes a little longer. Those are more appropriate for late spring as there’s still snow on the ground in early spring. I wore these leather loafers to get away from wearing socks while still being mindful that it’s technically still winter.


Accessories: For purses, switch out your bag to something more spring appropriate not only to freshen up your look, but to clean out the purse you may have been using for awhile and put it in storage. I also have other accessories I swap out every season such as belts, scarves, etc. A beautiful floral print scarf is a lovely way to welcome spring.


How do you transition seasons? Does transitioning seasons come easy to you or does it require more effort?


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  1. Alex
    March 11, 2015 at 12:55 pm (9 years ago)

    I’ve always been terrible at transitioning. It’s hard not to immediately pull out the pastel shorts and polos when the weather gets hot, so this was very helpful!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon


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