How to Style a Baseball Cap

Today I’m teaming up with Abby from Belle of the Ball to show you how we style baseball hats.

Nothing is more American than a baseball hat, whose origins began in Brooklyn in the 1860s. While its popularity stems from the sport of baseball, the hats are as versatile as ever. Even big brands, such as J Crew, have come out with a more feminine spin on the hat.

3 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Baseball Cap:

  • It adds a tomboy yet stylish accessory to your overall look. Whether you’re going casual, or dressing up slightly, a baseball cap polishes off the look with a confidence that shows you know what you’re doing.
  • It not only keeps the sun out of your eyes on a bright day, it protects your face from harmful sun rays. I’m all about wearing hats to protect my skin.
  • It saves you from a bad hair day. Rest assured that when your hair isn’t cooperating, you can pull on a baseball cap and get on with your day.


TIP: Wearing your hair in a pony, braid, or down are all great ways to help style a cap. When you wear your hair down, brush it straight back (as opposed to keeping your hair parted), and then put the cap on. It will save your from “hat hair” later on.

IMG_9183IMG_9205The first way I styled a hat is in an easy, casual way. The hat adds a little more interest to my outfit as well as keeps my hair out of my face. I love my Low Profile Washed Canvas Cap from Land’s End Canvas. It’s only $13 (+6 to add a monogram), and they’re running an additional 25% off your order right now. The cap is “low profile” which means it fits women great without having to be pulled down so far on your forehead.

IMG_9210IMG_9222The second way I styled a cap is adding it to a more dressed up outfit. The contrast of the formality of a blazer and the casual touch of the baseball cap gives it a nice balance adding a preppy, ivy league style to the look. I love this hat from Southern Proper because of the color and its simple design

Please check out my friend Abby’s post on how she styles baseball caps. She wears baseball caps often and does an excellent job on how to style them in everyday life. Be sure to follow her on instagram for other outfit inspiration:




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