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We’ve all seen the brilliant marketing campaign of “The Hilfigers”, but have you bought something Tommy Hilfiger since the 90’s? After the brand Ralph Lauren Rugby was discontinued, a friend recommended I take a second look at what Tommy Hilfiger has to offer. Now some of my favorite pieces are from the brand and I have not been disappointed. The quote above is exactly what sets Tommy apart – it’s classic, yet a little bit different. I like clothes that are traditional and unique at the same time and Tommy Hilfiger fits the bill.

There’s a few tiers of Tommy Hilfiger to consider:

The main Tommy website is the brand you’d find in a Tommy Hilfiger store if you’re lucky enough to live by one. These are their highest quality items outside of their runway line. The key to buying from the website is to shop the sale as I have found many of items just from keeping up on sales and taking advantage of their generous “after Thanksgiving sales”. The best part of the website is you can ‘shop the look’ which I like to use for outfit inspiration even if I’m not buying their product. Check out the pictures below to see some of the outfits they post.

Tommy Hilfiger at Macy’s is the smartest way to shop Tommy. Although they have differing items than the main website, Macy’s still offers a full Tommy Hilfiger line full of classic yet different items. What makes it smart is taking advantage of Macy’s sales since you can usually use them on the Tommy Hilfiger line. When you find an item you love, keep an eye on it until Macy’s has a big sale. You can really cut down on the price that way.

Tommy Hilfiger Outlet offers the Tommy style for a discounted price. Honestly, I don’t love their outlet since they cater to the giant logo reminiscent of their 90’s brand, but I have found a few things from there that I like. I think the outlet is best for basics for layering, for example, I found a few short sleeve button downs for wearing under sweaters that I’m really happy with.

Regardless of where you shop the brand, it’s come a long way and is very underrated. My clothes from Tommy Hilfiger get more compliments than any other brand I wear because they are still preppy without being plain. Check them out, I think you’ll become a fan.

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