How to Get the Biggest Braids

Before a few years ago I could barely braid my own hair unless I was doing a side braid, but with a little help from youtube I’ve come a long way. I love putting my hair back into a braid in the summer to keep it out of my face, and I love how romantic braids can look when they’re loosened up. I have a knack for making any hair type and texture work to have a big braids (without extensions) and want to share how I do it with you today:


Here are the products you’ll need to prep your hair. The dry shampoo and hair spray are going to give it some grip, and the smaller bottle of hair texturizer¬†is key for making your braid bigger when it’s already braided.


I have a lot of hair, but this will work with any length that you can braid. I brushed out my waves (yikes) and applied the dry shampoo and hair spray.


I love a dutch braid because it’s easy to make it look prominent, but you can do any braid you’d like! Dutch braids are just french braids except you braid under instead of over. I have an easier time dutch braiding than french braiding my own hair.


I leave a generous amount of room at the tail and then tie off with an clear elastic¬†hair tie. I have used regular hair ties and they don’t work as well to grip and hold the style.


This is where the magic happens – pull the braid apart. Use the hair texturizing powder from the first photo and tap the powder onto the braid. Then begin to pull it apart from top to bottom. I normally go from top to bottom a few times to make it as big as I can. The process includes taking each strand of the braid and “pancaking” it look fuller. The elastic at the bottom will start to make its way down the tail of the hair since you’re pulling the strands apart.

It’s nothing too crazy, but between the texturizing powder, elastic ties, and pancaking the braid your braid will look way bigger and stay that way. It’s fun to try these techniques on different types of braids as well.


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