Hat Trick


hats c/o port royal outfitters

I love wearing baseball caps in the summer¬†–¬†mainly because I’m big on sunscreen and protecting my skin, and they’re a stylish way to keep the sun off my face. I’ll throw one on after work for running errands, or whenever I’m spending a lot of time outdoors. With the temperatures slowly rising I’ve been reaching for baseball caps more and more and love the variety of styles, colors, and logos to choose from.

hat trick

hat via lands end (very inexpensive!)

A trick I use when I wear my hair down and throw a cap on is to brush my hair back first before putting the hat on. I part my hair to one side normally, so by brushing my hair straight back I even out the hair on both sides so that it doesn’t look lopsided with the hat on. Parted hair is a cute style, but when the hair line is covered by a cap, it can look a little off balance.

Brushing your hair straight back is also going to help cut down on hat hair, even completely eliminating it in some cases. I’ve used this trick many times and when I take off my hat I do not have hat hair or a crease where the hat was. It solves a lot of problems!


Here’s a sample of a few of my favorite hats for summer. Which one is your favorite?


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